Why Choose Strategies?

Selecting strategies (programs and policies) based on evidence and that are a good fit for your community maximizes your success. Consider if the strategy works in a way that supports your goals and objectives and how they eliminate unfair and unjust conditions. As you think about the strategies that you might implement consider the potential impact, reach and who benefits from your actions.

What are the “Choose Your Strategies” Core Competencies?

  • Choose effective policies and programs
  • Fundamentals of population health
  • Policy making

See How One Community is Choosing Strategies

Woodbury Thrives

In 2016, a diverse group of Woodbury, MN partners formed “Woodbury Thrives” to address growing inequities in their suburban community of nearly 69,000. The group included partners from healthcare, public health, nonprofits, business, government, education, and philanthropy. One of their first tasks was to identify clear priorities for action. Learn more…


Resources for Choosing Strategies