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Working Together

Our Well Connected Communities journey is made possible by working together.

Coalition Development
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Our Partners

Our partners are a diverse mix of individuals, businesses, and organizations from the community.

Partner Map

Zoom and click to see more about partners and their locations.

Assessing Our Community

A key step in our Well Connected Communities coalition journey is the completion of a community assessment. These data and stories inform our needs and point to opportunities that help guide our planning and prioritization of strategies.

Assessment Status
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Community Health Indicators

Communities indicators provide an overview of how health is influenced where we live, learn, work, and play. We’re committed to growing a culture of health so that the healthy choice is an easier choice for all.

County Health Rankings

The annual rankings provide a starting point for change in communities. See more County Health Ranking metrics or learn more about the County Health Rankings model.

Leading Health Indicators
See additional health indicators here.

What Are We Working On and How Are We Getting There?

Once assessments are complete our coalition will set priorities and choose strategies.

Priority Setting
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Priorities for 2018 – 2019
Continue to focus on the local food system and connecting to community and youth through gardens and markets. As 4-H Clubs get started, we expect to broaden this issue to include more civic and community engagement around the strengths and challenges of the local food system. We are also beginning an initiative to connect Norris Square youth to students from a nearby Penn State University commonwealth campus to explore college as an option.
Strategies Identified
We continue to work together with partners on planning and developing of gardens and markets by including Extension staff with this expertise (including Master Gardeners). For upcoming food projects, we will recruit staff from our EFNEP program as well as from the local senior center. For the campus connection project, we have recruited a Penn State faculty member and created a new internship program within Norris Square